Recruiting – A Parent’s Perspective & Help – Pt 1


This blog entry is for the frustrated, confused, and those wondering “Why in the world does RECRUITING cost so much!”

My name is Charles Todd…… you can call me “Todd”.  I am the parent of a college football player and yes, I have survived the high school recruiting jungle!

After many trials, errors and an empty wallet, I consider myself an expert of the simple, but not so simple road to collegiate sports and education for student-athletes with the desire to reach that level. I started filming my son’s games way back in little league and that continued through middle school and high school. Once middle school was over, I began to research the coaching staff of our local high school programs to figure out where my son would best fit in.

Once in high school, we jumped right into the rat race of going all over the state for him to compete in various combines to achieve his “star” ratings and chase higher statuses on all of the recruiting websites.  My thought process was  “we have to get his name out there if we stand a chance of him making it to college”…. Well guess what, I was WRONG! Yes, we needed to get him some exposure, but the only way to become more than just a name and a 40 time was for us to visit these coaches and communicate with them through phone calls, emails and online recruiting resources, like what provides. We had to make the relationships personal and get to the point where the coaches were rooting for him to succeed. Then they would be excited once his highlight film arrived, or when he would show up at their camp “on campus”, or just a drop by visit while on family vacation.

Through the ViewMySport blog, I will continue to share my experiences and give you step-by-step instructions on what worked for us, in hopes that it will help guide you on how to get your young student-athlete recognized by college coaches. My ultimate goal is to help you make your children’s dreams of competing collegiately come true and to gain an invaluable college education in the process.  I’m offering what I wish someone had done for me before I wasted  too much money and too many miles.

Allow me to take this journey with you… I’m excited, aren’t you?!?


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Capozzoli Partners w/ ViewMySport


ATTENTION: Important press release…..

JACKSONVILLE, FL (February 27, 2015) – ViewMySport, LLC announced today that retired professional football place kicker, Marco Capozzoli, reached a definitive agreement to purchase a substantial minority interest in the sports recruiting service. Under the terms of the agreement, Roger Tillis will continue as majority shareholder and President / CEO of ViewMySport, with Mr. Capozzoli taking over as Executive Vice President of Operations.


Head Count -vs- Equivalency Scholarships


The difference between head count scholarships and equivalency scholarships can best be understood as sports that are guaranteed full-ride scholarships (head count) versus sports that divide the scholarships as partial scholarships (equivalency).  It is important you understand the type of scholarships offered for your sport.




BEING THE MAN…… Yes, this sounds like a gender-based comment, but it is not.  It applies to males, females…boys and girls!  As they say, “in order to BE the man, you have to BEAT the man”….. Well, what happens when your young student-athlete, who was a stellar athlete in association and middle school sports gets into high school and is out-performed?  What if they end up being at the bottom of the high school level “best of the best”?  Parents, it is up to you to be prepared to discuss the different levels of success on a high school athletic team.  Success doesn’t just mean being a starter or the team captain.  It can be the kid that rides the bench, but has an outstanding positive attitude and works hard at helping his teammates get better and prepare in practice (Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!).  It can also be that your kid is a slow bloomer and simply is not at the same level, physically, as the other kids that have already grown.  You DO NOT want to discourage your kids, but instead, have them push forward and learn to be as good and smart in their sport as they can be, taking as much as they can from practice, etc.  There will be a point where they can improve their size, in time, and start to measure up.  Sometimes, kids may not meet their full athletic potential of that level till their Senior year.  It would be a shame to pull them from sports early in their high school career when they could still achieve a high level in their Junior or Senior years!


Starting The Recruiting Process Early Is A MUST


Some parents are getting a lot of flak regarding them exposing their young student-athletes to the recruiting process when they are just in youth sports, prior to middle school.  Actually, it is a great time to start getting into the process!  Now, let’s be clear, we’re not talking about forcing your kids into every sports boot camp and pushing to be an early commit by the time they are in the 5th grade.  THAT is a bit much….. It is essential for both the student-athlete and the parents to start getting into what the recruiting process is all about, what it requires, the process itself and the familiarity of the terms and regulations that govern the process.  There is a lot to know and understand, but it can be both informative and fun for all if started early, when there is no pressure.




Grades Should Not Wait Till It’s Too Late


Just reviewed an email sent to us from a parent that is asking ViewMySport for help….. Their son had multiple “verbal” offers from colleges awhile back, but in the meantime, his grades tanked and apparently, he (or the parents) did nothing to address it, until NOW!


Beginning Your NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Process


If you’re looking to take your skills (and grades) to the NCAA Division I or Division II level or instead, plan on attending a smaller college within the NAIA, then you need to know the “what, when & how” regarding the eligibility process!   Here are brochures to each for you to review and follow…..


Why Do We Yell?


This is a little article / observation from Neal Mars, the Youth Sports Advisor for and also who happens to be a former coach and current certified referee for several sports.  This is a bit of his reflection after being privy to and the recipient of comments typical during youth soccer games, etc.  It’s a good reminder of what we, as adults and for some of us, as parents, should be focusing on during this phase of life with our young student-athletes and children……


Early & Often


Here at, we have always preached that you should be establishing contacts with college coaches EARLY & OFTEN!    Because it is so competitive to get the coveted athletic scholarship, you have to give yourself (and the college coaches) time to get to know you, watch your progress and establish a rapport.    You can’t get that done in one year!    It’s quite a task to get it done in several years!


Letters DO NOT Always Mean Recruiting Interest


Getting a lot of emails and phone calls inquiring about the letters being received by student-athletes from colleges…..   First of all, it’s great that you are on their mailing lists, BUT, it is just a mailing list.   Don’t get TOO excited, as colleges have extensive lists of athletes that they get from camps, combines and multiple resources.   Getting a letter from a college DOES NOT mean you are being recruited or even that there is any interest.   YOU must continue your recruiting process 100% and do not relax, thinking that you have it made because of receiving letters.   The only letters that count are official “offer” letters or a personal letter written by a coach.   Some of the letters kids are receiving even are made to look “personal”, but are just part of the marketing lists from that college.   Again, the letters are fun and some can contain helpful information, like camp schedules, etc., but keep things in perspective and don’t let them distract you!