Chocolate Milk After Workouts?


Chocolate Milk after a strenuous workout?  I know, it sounded really weird to me as well!  I can remember when I was young and after running like a mad man, I would come home and down a glass of regular milk and all it did for me was to make me “barf up a lung”!


DON’T Act Like You’ve Been There!


Anyone who has seen sports on TV or watched sports movies has heard the comment “Act like you’ve been there before!”  Of course, it refers to professional athletes over-celebrating and acting stupid after doing something expected of them in a game.  They’re professionals, so act like a professional………


Flexibility and Strength For Your Shoulders

There are so many different exercises and training aids out there that can be suggested for strengthening your shoulders and providing the flexibility needed for a great range of motion.  Not being a professional trainer, nor an Orthapedic Doctor, we search for great options that are recommended by those “professionals.
We particularly like the YTWL exercise circuit.  It is simple, not much room is needed, nor major equiptment.  A simple bench, physioball and some very light weight dumbells are all that is used.

Summer Training – A Key To Success


Notice that fewer and fewer high school athletes are “sleeping in” during the summer?  They have determination and a commitment to helping their high school’s team for the upcoming season and don’t mind the sacrifice.

Most athletes see that this type of dedication can provide a “special” dynamic and the workouts during the summer can bring a team to a different level.  All wanting to work harder than the year before in order to gain that top spot in the post season!