“Now What Do I do?”


So, the recruiting process is all over and the results are varied….  “I didn’t get any offers from Div I colleges, now what do I do?”…..    “I only got a couple of offers from some NAIA colleges, now what do I do?”…..    “I haven’t received a single offer from any colleges at all, now what do I do?”…..    Famous last words, “NOW WHAT DO I DO?”    It is a question that should NEVER come up, especially at the end of your recruiting journey!    The student-athlete, along with their parents, teachers, guidance counselors and coaches should be helping you prepare for the worse case scenario, which is NOT getting the coveted athletic college scholarship or maybe not the one you were hoping for.


Elite Camps and Team Invites – OR NOT!


It’s that time of year where you’re going to start getting camp, combine and elite team invites…… BEWARE!

You must understand, regardless of how these “events” are being marketed, they are not designed for you to get “noticed” or “discovered”.    They are designed money-makers, pure and simple!    Sure, they can be fun to attend and measure yourself against the competition, but don’t get overly enthused by being invited to any of them.  This goes for the so-called “FREE” events as well.  Yeah, they’re free, but then the list of athletes that attended goes to every sports related vendor that paid to be involved.  Your phones and email will be blowing up following the event, for sure!