Recruiting – A Parent’s Perspective & Help – Pt 1


This blog entry is for the frustrated, confused, and those wondering “Why in the world does RECRUITING cost so much!”

My name is Charles Todd…… you can call me “Todd”.  I am the parent of a college football player and yes, I have survived the high school recruiting jungle!

After many trials, errors and an empty wallet, I consider myself an expert of the simple, but not so simple road to collegiate sports and education for student-athletes with the desire to reach that level. I started filming my son’s games way back in little league and that continued through middle school and high school. Once middle school was over, I began to research the coaching staff of our local high school programs to figure out where my son would best fit in.

Once in high school, we jumped right into the rat race of going all over the state for him to compete in various combines to achieve his “star” ratings and chase higher statuses on all of the recruiting websites.  My thought process was  “we have to get his name out there if we stand a chance of him making it to college”…. Well guess what, I was WRONG! Yes, we needed to get him some exposure, but the only way to become more than just a name and a 40 time was for us to visit these coaches and communicate with them through phone calls, emails and online recruiting resources, like what provides. We had to make the relationships personal and get to the point where the coaches were rooting for him to succeed. Then they would be excited once his highlight film arrived, or when he would show up at their camp “on campus”, or just a drop by visit while on family vacation.

Through the ViewMySport blog, I will continue to share my experiences and give you step-by-step instructions on what worked for us, in hopes that it will help guide you on how to get your young student-athlete recognized by college coaches. My ultimate goal is to help you make your children’s dreams of competing collegiately come true and to gain an invaluable college education in the process.  I’m offering what I wish someone had done for me before I wasted  too much money and too many miles.

Allow me to take this journey with you… I’m excited, aren’t you?!?


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Capozzoli Partners w/ ViewMySport


ATTENTION: Important press release…..

JACKSONVILLE, FL (February 27, 2015) – ViewMySport, LLC announced today that retired professional football place kicker, Marco Capozzoli, reached a definitive agreement to purchase a substantial minority interest in the sports recruiting service. Under the terms of the agreement, Roger Tillis will continue as majority shareholder and President / CEO of ViewMySport, with Mr. Capozzoli taking over as Executive Vice President of Operations.


What Are The Odds of Competing On Scholarship?


Recently, I had the privilege of spending some time at the ESPN Wide World of Sports-Disney in Orlando, FL….. My inner child was having a really hard time not breaking away and running around every square inch of every field, gym and venue!  Although, we did tour some of the spectacular areas of their complex and got to take in quite a few AAU basketball games, along with some softball, lacrosse and field hockey!  All in all, a pretty great set up they have and I highly recommend a trip in your future, either to compete in one of their numerous events or simply to do as I did and play tourist!  Of course, you can certainly do both!


Recruiting / Scholarship Facts For Gymnastics


Recently, we had a mother of 2 gymnast twin daughters ask for some guidance regarding availability of college scholarships, etc.  She had attended a “2 hour” meeting and was severely mislead with wrong information.  We were able to answer all of her questions and supply her with the “correct” information that would not only enlighten her, but give her the proper direction of how to best assist her daughters during their recruiting process.  With this being one situation that could have had a horrible outcome for the student-athletes involved, as well as their mother, we thought it best to share this same information, so that others may also benefit!

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Please join us in celebrating’s “OFFICIAL” approval by the NCAA as a certified recruiting company!

Beginning in 2012, the NCAA began requiring all college recruiting service organizations to participate in a strict approval process. We received notice today that is now NCAA-certified!


Want A Scholarship? You Better Be REALISTIC!


In talking to college and high school coaches, current and former collegiate athletes, etc., one of the common “tips” is to BE REALISTIC!    Now, you hear that all the time, but it is so important for the high school athletes and YES, their parents as well, to take this to heart when considering colleges to pursue for an athletic scholarship!


BEWARE OF THE “Recruiters of Oz”!!!


Just wanted to share a short announcement…….

Please BEWARE of the “SCAM ARTISTS” out there calling themselves scouts, recruiters, recruiting services, etc. that charge fees to “place” you as collegiate talent with promises of scholarships!   YOU can do it yourself FOR FREE on and by using our ViewRecruit mobile recruiting app!   We fight this every day and see these “sharks” prey on athletes and their parents that don’t know any better, thinking that if you “pay” for the help, you’ll get it!   WRONG!!!   Most of these services know you’re good enough, talent and grade wise, so it’s just a matter of them putting your info in front of college coaches….the process goes naturally from there!   YOU can do that yourself in seconds and follow-up with a phone call and control what’s going on!   Believe me, just because you “pay a fee” doesn’t mean you will get special treatment!   That IS NOT the way it works!   Most of these services “muddy the recruiting waters” in hopes you will pay them to help get through it!   Total scam and more and more attention is being focused on these “Wizards of Oz”!    BE SMART!


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Mo Knows Recruiting!


As you can imagine, in my line of work, I come across every recruiting book, tool, website, trick, etc.  I have yet to be convinced that any of them are truly out there for the good of the high school or youth student-athlete.  Of course, being the founder and CEO of and the ViewRecruit smart phone recruiting app, I tend to be extremely picky, as our #1 goal was, and still is, to be there for the kids, their parents, the high school coaches and the college coaches!  That means putting “THEM” first, not the almighty dollar!

I have had the pleasure to become friends with former University of Florida great and former NFL offensive lineman, Mo Collins and have been exposed to his book, “The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide” – Learn How To Earn An Athletic Scholarship!  At first, due to my well-earned cynical outlook on such publishings, I almost didn’t even crack the book.  After talking with Mo, I decided that he at least earned my attention and I decided I’d take a look.  Let’s just say it was a very smart decision!


Are Today’s High School Sports For Better or Worse?


I recently had someone share their “reflection” of high school sports back when they played in high school and thought I would share it with you.  After reading it, take some time to reflect on high school sports from when YOU were in high school and compare to what it is like today.  I don’t think all of the results will be to the positive.  Most seem to claim that there is a sense of entitlement amongst the athletes “and” their parents that did not exist years ago.  Is it the influence of TV, money, ESPN or just the good old “what’s in it for me” attitude that seems to be taking our society by storm?  High school coaches over-worked, or just simply running by their own agendas?


Get Recruited Via Smart Technology!



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man has developed a website and mobile application that may help the student athlete in your family get more attention from college coaches, and perhaps a better chance at a scholarship.