Are Today’s High School Sports For Better or Worse?


I recently had someone share their “reflection” of high school sports back when they played in high school and thought I would share it with you.  After reading it, take some time to reflect on high school sports from when YOU were in high school and compare to what it is like today.  I don’t think all of the results will be to the positive.  Most seem to claim that there is a sense of entitlement amongst the athletes “and” their parents that did not exist years ago.  Is it the influence of TV, money, ESPN or just the good old “what’s in it for me” attitude that seems to be taking our society by storm?  High school coaches over-worked, or just simply running by their own agendas?

Contributed by Paige Pacetti – “People ask me all the time how 30 years ago at Bk I was the leading scorer in basketball in the city my junior and senior year, and had the leading batting average in softball in the city my junior and senior year. Well back in the olden days we did not watch TV, we had no computers, no cell phones, no pressure from my parents at all, no shooting or batting lessons, no travel teams, my parents never went to coach’s and complained or paid them money, we had no AC in the gym and when we had a water break we would go out back and drink out of the hose. Those were the good old days. Just relax and play ball:)”

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