What Are The Coach’s Duties?


Have you ever overheard parents or even yourself say, “Our son/daughter would have gone to college to play sports, but their coach didnt’ get them the exposure with colleges that they needed!”  Guess what, the blame may not be on their coach, but on YOU!

As parents, we expect the coach to train our children, create their highlight videos, call the colleges, take the kids to combines and camps, and at the same time, have a winning season.  The true role of the coach is to pull the full athletic potential out of our student-athletes and to assist them (and YOU) in building their character, PERIOD.

In my opinion, these are the primary duties of the coach.  Some do more and some do less, but at the end of the day, we (the parents and the student-athlete, themselves) have to take ownership of this recruiting “journey” and not rely on anyone else to make it happen.

I leaned on the coach to be my “eyes and ears” at the school.  Once he knew I was an “involved” parent, I made sure he knew what I expected from my son.  If my son was involved in activities or people that he should not have been, the coach could quickly defuse the situation without me even knowing.  Also, the coach has a pretty good idea of not just your child’s character and athletic potential, but their academic achievements and progress.  So, take it from me, USE him/her to help you!

Your coaches will have a great understanding as to which schools you should target for your child.  College coaches will contact them and they will pass that information onto you and your student-athlete.  Upon request, your coach can show college coaches your child’s highlight video, grade transcripts and can answer questions about their character and attitude.  You must understand that a scholarship offer depends on so much more than their athletic abilities. Once the coach and guidance counselors understood my son’s goals for college, they were great assets in helping to keep him focused athletically and academically…..  Coming in my next entry will be a summary of what YOUR responsibilities are as PARENTS!  Buckle up and until next time, remember…..


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