What Are The Coach’s Duties?


Have you ever overheard parents or even yourself say, “Our son/daughter would have gone to college to play sports, but their coach didnt’ get them the exposure with colleges that they needed!”  Guess what, the blame may not be on their coach, but on YOU!

As parents, we expect the coach to train our children, create their highlight videos, call the colleges, take the kids to combines and camps, and at the same time, have a winning season.  The true role of the coach is to pull the full athletic potential out of our student-athletes and to assist them (and YOU) in building their character, PERIOD.

In my opinion, these are the primary duties of the coach.  Some do more and some do less, but at the end of the day, we (the parents and the student-athlete, themselves) have to take ownership of this recruiting “journey” and not rely on anyone else to make it happen.


A Parent’s Perspective & Help – Pt 2


Rule #1 – BE REALISTIC!!!

In my opinion, the 1st step in the process of recruiting and achieving your scholarship goals is knowing your target schools.  In other words, you must be realistic!

We all want our kid to be D-1 and on the National Championship team.  I had those same aspirations and dreams for my son.  He was a 6’ tall 220 lb linebacker with awesome speed… but he was not a 6’4” 240 lb linebacker with that same awesome speed.  So, realistically, he was not going to receive an offer for the University of Alabama.  Here’s the good news… there are thousands of other schools that he is perfect for!  Don’t focus all of your attention on one school or one particular division; I reached out to every school at every level that I could think of.  You must refuse to overlook any scholarship opportunities.  After all, a smaller college environment may end up being a perfect fit for your student-athlete, which is why you really want to check out the colleges thoroughly.


Recruiting – A Parent’s Perspective & Help – Pt 1


This blog entry is for the frustrated, confused, and those wondering “Why in the world does RECRUITING cost so much!”

My name is Charles Todd…… you can call me “Todd”.  I am the parent of a college football player and yes, I have survived the high school recruiting jungle!

After many trials, errors and an empty wallet, I consider myself an expert of the simple, but not so simple road to collegiate sports and education for student-athletes with the desire to reach that level. I started filming my son’s games way back in little league and that continued through middle school and high school. Once middle school was over, I began to research the coaching staff of our local high school programs to figure out where my son would best fit in.

Once in high school, we jumped right into the rat race of going all over the state for him to compete in various combines to achieve his “star” ratings and chase higher statuses on all of the recruiting websites.  My thought process was  “we have to get his name out there if we stand a chance of him making it to college”…. Well guess what, I was WRONG! Yes, we needed to get him some exposure, but the only way to become more than just a name and a 40 time was for us to visit these coaches and communicate with them through phone calls, emails and online recruiting resources, like what ViewMySport.com provides. We had to make the relationships personal and get to the point where the coaches were rooting for him to succeed. Then they would be excited once his highlight film arrived, or when he would show up at their camp “on campus”, or just a drop by visit while on family vacation.

Through the ViewMySport blog, I will continue to share my experiences and give you step-by-step instructions on what worked for us, in hopes that it will help guide you on how to get your young student-athlete recognized by college coaches. My ultimate goal is to help you make your children’s dreams of competing collegiately come true and to gain an invaluable college education in the process.  I’m offering what I wish someone had done for me before I wasted  too much money and too many miles.

Allow me to take this journey with you… I’m excited, aren’t you?!?


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Grades Should Not Wait Till It’s Too Late


Just reviewed an email sent to us from a parent that is asking ViewMySport for help….. Their son had multiple “verbal” offers from colleges awhile back, but in the meantime, his grades tanked and apparently, he (or the parents) did nothing to address it, until NOW!