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Our Mission

Guided by a relentless focus on achieving complete exposure for you, the student-athlete, our mission is to provide the tools and unparalleled services to assure that your successes, both on and off the field, are highlighted to college coaches nationwide. Our team is dedicated to fully educating student athletes (and parents) on the intricacies of recruiting, giving full control through every step of the process, and guidance through the often overwhelming journey. 

About Us

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YOUR goal, as a student athlete, is to leave your mark of greatness on the field, in the classroom, and within your communities. Doing this will ensure that you’re positioned to have the best recruiting experience possible. In essence, you’ll prepare yourself to receive scholarship offers from colleges where you can compete in your sport, enjoy a balanced and happy social life, produce a high level of academic results, and earn a degree that will propel you toward your future life aspirations.


At ViewMySport, It is OUR goal to provide you with the tools and services necessary to achieve such an experience and ensure that your achievements don’t go unnoticed. We have developed a technology specifically designed to maximize your exposure and initiate real time interaction and communication with college coaches nationwide. This guarantees that no talent, statistic, or achievement will go unnoticed, placing you in the best position possible to procure a scholarship offer.

With the combined years of experience between our coaches, sports advisors, and executive management team, we have assembled premier leaders to guide you through each and every phase of your recruiting journey. Whether you are a young athlete beginning your sports career at the elementary level, a seasoned high school senior trying to increase your exposure with college coaches, or anywhere in between, you need to have the right type of resources and support to ensure the best results possible. Your support team here at ViewMySport is comprised of former college, professional, and Olympic coaches and athletes, all focused on providing you with the critical resources, control, and guidance to help execute your recruiting strategy with extreme confidence and successful results!

ViewMySport is fully committed to helping you experience the best sports recruiting process and more. Now, it’s your turn to commit and take control of your destiny. You have done the work on the field, in the classroom, and within your community - now let ViewMySport show the world! 

Board Of Advisors

As with any team in sports, it takes individuals that share a like goal of winning, an attitude of commitment and hard work.  At ViewMySport, it's no different.  We rely on the team of advisors to help guide us, not just in sport content, but in the overall philosphy of being better student-athletes and contributors in our communities.  No one person knows everything, but with the solid team that we've put together, we stay ahead of the game, which maintains the best resources to assist you throughout your recruiting journey..... 

Scott Cooper

BASKETBALL (Boy's) - Head High School & Former College Coach

Steffi Sorensen

BASKETBALL (Girl's) - Former College & Professional Player

Jennifer Marcus

BATON TWIRLING - College & Team USA World Champion

Nikki Dinwiddie

CHEERLEADING - Owner, All Star Cheerleading & Dance

Kristin McWilliams

CROSS COUNTRY - Boy's & Girl's Head High School Coach

Nikki Dinwiddie

DANCE TEAM - Owner, All Star Cheerleading & Dance

Tim Morehouse

FENCING - U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist

Mo Rahman

FIELD HOCKEY - College & Club Head Coach

Roger Harriott

FOOTBALL - Head High School Coach & Former College Coach

Roger Simpkins

GOLF - Former College Coach & Tour Professional

Amanda Garside

GYMNASTICS - Former Collegiate Gymnast & Academy Owner

Lance Forsberg

ICE HOCKEY - High School Varsity & Former Youth Coach

Mike Mulvey

LACROSSE - High School Coach & Former College Player

Ted Riedeburg

ROWING - Head Coach & Instructor, U.S. Rowing

John Dwyer

SAND VOLLEYBALL - Head Girl's High School Coach

Tim Lucas

SOCCER - Director of Coaching, Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club

Mike Hartsell

SOFTBALL - Head Softball Coach & Elite Team V.P.

Jon Sakovich

SWIMMING - Head Swim Coach & Aquatics Director

Scott Miller

TENNIS - Director of Tennis, Julington Creek Club

Kristin McWilliams

TRACK & FIELD - Boy's & Girl's Head High School Coach

John Dwyer

VOLLEYBALL - Head Girl's High School Coach

Rick Marabell

WRESTLING - Head Coach & Former College Wrestler

Neal Mars

ASSOCIATION SPORTS - Certified Association Coach & Referee

Steps To Success
Making sure EVERY student-athlete knows exactly how to get to the NEXT LEVEL!


Uncover EVERY opportunity at EVERY level (NCAA, NAIA, JUCO & more)

  • What level student-athlete are YOU?
  • What state can you see yourself living in for the next 4 years?
  • What colleges offer your intended major or area of study?

Introduce yourself to as many college coaches as possible!

  • More College Coaches = More Opportunities
  • Connect EARLY & OFTEN
  • Establish & Maintain relationships with coaches
  • Make a great impression EVERY time you meet or talk with a coach

Follow-up & proper updates with college coaches are a must!  

  • Get on college coaches' radars & STAY there
  • Keep college coaches up-to-date on a regular basis
  • Know a team's needs & if you are a good fit
  • Respond immediately to coach inquiries
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