Track and Field Is For Everyone!


“Run Forrest, Run!”……..Yes, Even the challenged Forrest Gump found solace and success running!  Of course, running is just one part, although the primary part, of Track and Field competition.  It seems that Track and Field holds an event  for everyone, which is why we have seen gaining popularity in the sport.  Track and Field is the #1 high school participatory sport!  In high school, student-athletes will pursue Track and Field as either a way to stay in shape in the off-season, continue working on their speed training or simply a great way to take part in competition.



Training Like An Athlete


High level athletes in the pros seem to dominate their sport.  Baseball players appear as if they know where the ball is going to be hit, even before the bat connects with the ball!  Running Backs leave defenders tackling air as the cut 90 degrees while running at full speed!


Some Recruiting Tips For Soccer


Start the process early!

Casey Crawford,  former LSU women’s soccer captain and defender, advises engaging in the recruiting process early.   You’ll be ahead of the game, since “college coaches are recruiting earlier every year.”

Case in point:   Old Dominion men’s soccer head coach Trevor Adair says he looks at players during their sophomore year of high school.   “That’s when we start identifying and establishing communications with athletes, according to NCAA rules.   At the first availability, we’ll write and invite them to our camp and see them at tournaments.”


Volleyball – The Need For Shoulder Strength



No joint in the body has a greater range of motion than the shoulder, which is a blessing because it allows you to perform all necessary volleyball moves—serving, digging, setting and hitting.  But it’s also a curse, as it opens the door to tons of potential injuries.


“Do-It-Yourself” Sports Recruiting


It used to be that athletes at the high school level simply played their sports, went to class, hung out with friends…oh yeah, chased girls (or in some cases, ran from girls….) and in general, had the typical teenage life going on.  If you were really good in your sport (or sports), it would bring you attention from a college or two and if you were lucky, they would make you an offer to pay for your college in exchange for you playing for their team, etc.  It happened from time to time and was a great opportunity for someone to get into college……….