“Do-It-Yourself” Sports Recruiting


It used to be that athletes at the high school level simply played their sports, went to class, hung out with friends…oh yeah, chased girls (or in some cases, ran from girls….) and in general, had the typical teenage life going on.  If you were really good in your sport (or sports), it would bring you attention from a college or two and if you were lucky, they would make you an offer to pay for your college in exchange for you playing for their team, etc.  It happened from time to time and was a great opportunity for someone to get into college……….

Today, it is a bit more complex!  So much that a simple blog posting couldn’t possibly cover it all, but I’ll get to some basics.  The popularity of sports in general has increased significantly over the years and with it, the need for good athletes to represent colleges all over.  The need to compete and WIN to attract more dollars into the college system, etc., etc., etc……..For the high school student-athlete, the ability to trade their skills in athletics for a free college education is an absolute honor!  For many, the ONLY way they can get a college education, especially with the cost of tuition constantly on the rise!

Enter, the companies and services that can lead any high school athlete to the “promised land”!  For the right amount of money, they will help you wade through the mysterious and magical recruiting process that only they could possibly understand and for even more money, they offer promises to get your college scholarship for you!  Sounds awesome, except for one thing (of many)……They have absolutely “zero” influence with college coaches about making the decision of which recruit gets picked for a scholarship, regardless of how much money in fees you pay that service.  What they will simply do is get your information to the college coaching contacts they have and then it is up to the coach of that college to decide on if they are interested or not……Obviously, I’m simplifying things a bit, but that is the general way it works. 

Of course, there have been those companies (and colleges) that have tried to “work” the system and pay dollars “under the table” for special treatment (also know simply as “cheating”) and have been discovered by the NCAA and other compliance departments.  In some cases, ruining the eligibility of certain high school athletes and costing college programs a lot of money in fines.  The fact is, a market has been created for the purpose of making money, not necessarily trying to help the high school student-athlete.  You’ll hear that they are offering golden resources that only “they” have to use and they work the phones day and night to come up with coaches that will make offers, etc.  Believe me, you hear it all!

Let me spell it out for you, if you have the talent and especially if you have the talent “and” the grades, you can be recruited and find a college scholarship, period!  There’s no mystery to the process….its called communication and with a little assistance (for free), an athlete or their parents (or high school coach) can get all of the exposure needed to attract scholarship offers!  Keep in mind, there are only so many college scholarships being offered and a lot of athletes wanting them, so there is a process of elimination that the college coaches have to use in order to make those offers to the best recruits they can find.

It comes down to exposure, plain and simple.  If you are an athlete looking to play at the collegiate level, then you better make sure college coaches know you exist!  You don’t need to pay to have someone get you noticed, as there are great “do-it-yourself” websites and books out there to walk you through helpful methods of connecting with colleges.  ViewMySport.com happens to be one of the best websites out there and is 100% FREE!  Not only to the high school student-athletes that use it, but also free to the high schools and the colleges that use the site to find talent, via the search features that ViewMySport.com has built into the site.  An athlete, their parents or high school coaches can create player profiles that consist of stats, photos, highlight videos and other pertinent information that is important to a college coach or recruiter.  Not only is the profile displayed on the site, but it is held in their database so that any college coach using the site to find recruit prospects can view it.  The critical benefit that ViewMySport.com gives is that it allows one to take control and send their profile directly to as many college coaches as they want, right from their profile page on the site!  Each time they do so, the information is saved under their organizational “tab” so they know who they sent their profile to and when.  This is important because they will want to follow-up with the coach at a later date and this feature helps keep them organized. 

In addition to the obvious benefits and recruiting resources such as the NCAA Eligibility Center, the NAIA Eligibility Center and assorted academic tools, ViewMySport.com has College Directories that allow users to sort through colleges by state and division (I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO)…..giving them the ability to research what a college offers, not just in sports, but the curriculum and majors, etc.  They also have a directory designed to allow users to find college coaches for a particular position or sport and their contact information.  It is linked directly to each college’s website, so it is current.  Again, no mystery, just knowing where to get the information and how to apply it!  More importantly, all for free!

I’m not saying that the recruiting process is easy.  If anything, it is very competitive and cut throat, but if you are serious about wanting to play in college and you have the talent and the grades, then there will be nothing that can stop you but YOU!  Put in the effort to get exposure using a “do-it-yourself” resource (like ViewMySport.com) and take a little time to follow-up and be organized and you will have great results.  You may not have the skill level to be seen on ESPN every week, but you’ll be able to get the financial assistance to attend college and get to play a sport that you have enjoyed playing previously!

* For more high school athletics and college recruiting / scholarship assistance, visit:  http://www.viewmysport.com/