BEWARE OF THE “Recruiters of Oz”!!!


Just wanted to share a short announcement…….

Please BEWARE of the “SCAM ARTISTS” out there calling themselves scouts, recruiters, recruiting services, etc. that charge fees to “place” you as collegiate talent with promises of scholarships!   YOU can do it yourself FOR FREE on and by using our ViewRecruit mobile recruiting app!   We fight this every day and see these “sharks” prey on athletes and their parents that don’t know any better, thinking that if you “pay” for the help, you’ll get it!   WRONG!!!   Most of these services know you’re good enough, talent and grade wise, so it’s just a matter of them putting your info in front of college coaches….the process goes naturally from there!   YOU can do that yourself in seconds and follow-up with a phone call and control what’s going on!   Believe me, just because you “pay a fee” doesn’t mean you will get special treatment!   That IS NOT the way it works!   Most of these services “muddy the recruiting waters” in hopes you will pay them to help get through it!   Total scam and more and more attention is being focused on these “Wizards of Oz”!    BE SMART!


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