Softball Recruiting – A Parent’s Experience


As you can imagine, we get asked quite a few questions regarding college sports recruiting, for softball and all other sports.   After all, it is what is all about!   However, it IS refreshing to hear from others on what their recruiting experiences have been like, the obstacles they have encountered, how they overcame those obstacles, etc., and of course, what the ultimate outcome of their recruiting process was.   Did they get the coveted sports scholarship?   Was it a full-ride or partial?   We couldn’t possibly know every single experience or outcome, as there are so many athletes out there grinding through their own recruiting journey, so it’s nice to have some of our members share their’s with us and by us, we mean YOU!

Here’s a perfect example of a parent that has gone through the whole process, as they have one daughter currently playing softball for Georgia Tech and another daughter currently playing for her high school softball team.   Watch this video and see what their experiences were and are as parent, Chris Taylor, explains their story.   In doing so, you might just pick up on some helpful tips that will help you understand the recruiting process a little bit better.   After watching this taped segment of “The BreakDown”, if you have the need to ask more questions about your particular situation, feel free to email us at: – Your #1 College Sports Recruiting & Scholarship Networking Resource!

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Early & Often


Here at, we have always preached that you should be establishing contacts with college coaches EARLY & OFTEN!    Because it is so competitive to get the coveted athletic scholarship, you have to give yourself (and the college coaches) time to get to know you, watch your progress and establish a rapport.    You can’t get that done in one year!    It’s quite a task to get it done in several years!


Letters DO NOT Always Mean Recruiting Interest


Getting a lot of emails and phone calls inquiring about the letters being received by student-athletes from colleges…..   First of all, it’s great that you are on their mailing lists, BUT, it is just a mailing list.   Don’t get TOO excited, as colleges have extensive lists of athletes that they get from camps, combines and multiple resources.   Getting a letter from a college DOES NOT mean you are being recruited or even that there is any interest.   YOU must continue your recruiting process 100% and do not relax, thinking that you have it made because of receiving letters.   The only letters that count are official “offer” letters or a personal letter written by a coach.   Some of the letters kids are receiving even are made to look “personal”, but are just part of the marketing lists from that college.   Again, the letters are fun and some can contain helpful information, like camp schedules, etc., but keep things in perspective and don’t let them distract you!