Early & Often


Here at ViewMySport.com, we have always preached that you should be establishing contacts with college coaches EARLY & OFTEN!    Because it is so competitive to get the coveted athletic scholarship, you have to give yourself (and the college coaches) time to get to know you, watch your progress and establish a rapport.    You can’t get that done in one year!    It’s quite a task to get it done in several years!

A lot of college coaches in many sports have already completed their 2014 rosters and have moved on to the next year’s recruiting prospects.    In some cases, they were done months ago!    So, again, this is not about trying to be a young prodigy getting offers from colleges as a freshman, this is all about working the recruiting process hard, but mostly smart!  EARLY & OFTEN!

Now, we’re not saying that you don’t stand a chance with getting a scholarship if you start later in your high school career, but like many things, the sooner you start the process, the better the results and the more informed you are.    Remember, YOU, the high school student-athlete, can send information to college coaches and follow-up with a phone call anytime you want, no limitations!

Regarding being “too” young to start the process…..THERE IS NO SUCH THING!    For the younger kids, it’s a great experience for them to get involved in reaching out to college coaches.    It gets them on that college’s mailing list so they can receive things like media guides and summer camp schedules, as well as other interesting events.    Again, the more used to the communication aspects your athletes can be, the more proficient they will be down the road when they have to speak to coaches.    As with their sport, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!


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