Recruiting / Scholarship Facts For Gymnastics


Recently, we had a mother of 2 gymnast twin daughters ask for some guidance regarding availability of college scholarships, etc.  She had attended a “2 hour” meeting and was severely mislead with wrong information.  We were able to answer all of her questions and supply her with the “correct” information that would not only enlighten her, but give her the proper direction of how to best assist her daughters during their recruiting process.  With this being one situation that could have had a horrible outcome for the student-athletes involved, as well as their mother, we thought it best to share this same information, so that others may also benefit!

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Please join us in celebrating’s “OFFICIAL” approval by the NCAA as a certified recruiting company!

Beginning in 2012, the NCAA began requiring all college recruiting service organizations to participate in a strict approval process. We received notice today that is now NCAA-certified!


Want A Scholarship? You Better Be REALISTIC!


In talking to college and high school coaches, current and former collegiate athletes, etc., one of the common “tips” is to BE REALISTIC!    Now, you hear that all the time, but it is so important for the high school athletes and YES, their parents as well, to take this to heart when considering colleges to pursue for an athletic scholarship!


Want To Play Golf In College?


There are all kinds of tips and opinions out there directing high school and junior golfers, but like the game of golf itself, there is no “one path” that fits everyone…. With that in mind, while I was reading one of my favorite magazines, Golf Digest (I swear, I read the articles, not just look at the pictures), I came across a little blurb about “What it takes to play college golf”. I thought I would share it with the masses, as it is great insight for anyone who is looking to take their game to the higher ranks of collegiate golf. Of course, this mostly applies to those aspiring to play Division I, as the skill set needed for lower divisions, NAIA, etc. are a bit lower, not too much lower, but less challenging nonetheless. Here you go……