Rhabdomyolysis – A Danger To Athletes!


Recently, I had a mother of a high school athlete document her (and her son’s) experience with a very serious bout of Rhabdomyolysis, which was totally unheard of at the time.  The fact that nobody talks about it or is aware of how to prevent or treat it is ridiculous!  With so many kids participating in sports and training harder than ever, I felt the need to make sure EVERYONE knows about it and can be prepared.  Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream.   Myoglobin is harmful to the kidney and often causes kidney damage.


ViewMySport.com Receives NCAA Certification!


Please join us in celebrating ViewMySport.com’s “OFFICIAL” approval by the NCAA as a certified recruiting company!

Beginning in 2012, the NCAA began requiring all college recruiting service organizations to participate in a strict approval process. We received notice today that ViewMySport.com is now NCAA-certified!


Are Today’s High School Sports For Better or Worse?


I recently had someone share their “reflection” of high school sports back when they played in high school and thought I would share it with you.  After reading it, take some time to reflect on high school sports from when YOU were in high school and compare to what it is like today.  I don’t think all of the results will be to the positive.  Most seem to claim that there is a sense of entitlement amongst the athletes “and” their parents that did not exist years ago.  Is it the influence of TV, money, ESPN or just the good old “what’s in it for me” attitude that seems to be taking our society by storm?  High school coaches over-worked, or just simply running by their own agendas?


Get Recruited Via Smart Technology!



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man has developed a website and mobile application that may help the student athlete in your family get more attention from college coaches, and perhaps a better chance at a scholarship.


College Sports Recruiting – “There’s An App For That!”




ViewRecruit Mobile App Launches!


Jacksonville, FL, Feb 7, 2012 – The anticipated release of the first-ever mobile College Sports Recruiting App was launched last week.

The ViewRecruit App, developed by Jacksonville entrepreneur Roger Tillis, founder and CEO of ViewMySport.com, LLC, hit the Apple market with separate versions for iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad. An Android version is expected to be launched late summer.

The ViewRecruit App is an interactive tool to help high school athletes throughout the U.S. better create, organize and promote their athletic, academic and community information to prospective college coaches and recruiters.

Fencing Is DEFINITELY A Sport!


Like most of you, my knowledge of fencing was taken from scenes in movies…. The one between Inigo Montoya and Wesley (The Dread Pirate Roberts) in “The Princess Bride” comes to mind!  Of course, although quite entertaining, just a slight exaggeration of the true “sport” of fencing.  Yes, that’s right, I said SPORT!

Fencing requires speed, strength, balance and a very sharp (and quick) mind!  Strategy is constantly in the forefront as is reaction time.  Sound familiar?  Virtually every sport in the true sense of the word requires all of these skill sets.  I might even go as far as saying fencing is “more” of a sport than some of our more “mainstream” sports.  I’ll leave that open for debate, so talk amongst yourselves.


Don’t Ignore Your “MENTAL” Training!


We are always getting feedback and information regarding the “physical” aspects of sports and how to train hard, etc.  Rarely do we get much about the “mental” aspects of sports.  Certainly not at the high school level…..  Here is a great article we would like to share from Dr. Rob Bell that might help shed some light on other areas of your sport that you want to work on……


Summer Training – BE SMART!


Notice that fewer and fewer high school athletes are “sleeping in” during the summer?  They have determination and a commitment to helping their high school’s team for the upcoming season and don’t mind the sacrifice.  Most athletes see that this type of dedication can provide a special “dynamic” to the team and the workouts during the summer can bring them to a different level.  All wanting to work harder than the year before in order to gain that top spot in the post season! 


Chocolate Milk After Workouts?


Chocolate Milk after a strenuous workout?  I know, it sounded really weird to me as well!  I can remember when I was young and after running like a mad man, I would come home and down a glass of regular milk and all it did for me was to make me “barf up a lung”!


Flexibility and Strength For Your Shoulders

There are so many different exercises and training aids out there that can be suggested for strengthening your shoulders and providing the flexibility needed for a great range of motion.  Not being a professional trainer, nor an Orthapedic Doctor, we search for great options that are recommended by those “professionals.
We particularly like the YTWL exercise circuit.  It is simple, not much room is needed, nor major equiptment.  A simple bench, physioball and some very light weight dumbells are all that is used.