Get Recruited Via Smart Technology!



JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man has developed a website and mobile application that may help the student athlete in your family get more attention from college coaches, and perhaps a better chance at a scholarship.

Roger Tillis brainstormed the website after spending countless hours in the stands watching his son play football in high school.

“It just seemed like everything coming from the parents in the stands was concern that they weren’t getting the right exposure for their kids,” he said.

He says they were worried that college coaches might miss their talented son or daughter in the clutter of the recruiting process.

“It was really one of those moments when you pop out of bed and go, ‘I got it,'” he said laughing.

The website is a mix of Facebook and YouTube all with a sports focus.

Student athletes build a profile for themselves. Each page includes statistics, pictures and even allows them to post highlight videos.

With a couple clicks, the athlete can filter out what coaches he wants to contact and send the profile directly to them.

“They can go in and actually touch base with these coaches,” he said.

He says it eliminates the need to write dozens, or even hundreds of emails and letters to colleges in order to get some attention.

“This puts everything in one place.”

Tillis has also developed a mobile app for smartphones and tablets as well, so the college recruiting can continue even when on the road.