Mo Knows Recruiting!


As you can imagine, in my line of work, I come across every recruiting book, tool, website, trick, etc.  I have yet to be convinced that any of them are truly out there for the good of the high school or youth student-athlete.  Of course, being the founder and CEO of and the ViewRecruit smart phone recruiting app, I tend to be extremely picky, as our #1 goal was, and still is, to be there for the kids, their parents, the high school coaches and the college coaches!  That means putting “THEM” first, not the almighty dollar!

I have had the pleasure to become friends with former University of Florida great and former NFL offensive lineman, Mo Collins and have been exposed to his book, “The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide” – Learn How To Earn An Athletic Scholarship!  At first, due to my well-earned cynical outlook on such publishings, I almost didn’t even crack the book.  After talking with Mo, I decided that he at least earned my attention and I decided I’d take a look.  Let’s just say it was a very smart decision!