Mo Knows Recruiting!


As you can imagine, in my line of work, I come across every recruiting book, tool, website, trick, etc.  I have yet to be convinced that any of them are truly out there for the good of the high school or youth student-athlete.  Of course, being the founder and CEO of and the ViewRecruit smart phone recruiting app, I tend to be extremely picky, as our #1 goal was, and still is, to be there for the kids, their parents, the high school coaches and the college coaches!  That means putting “THEM” first, not the almighty dollar!

I have had the pleasure to become friends with former University of Florida great and former NFL offensive lineman, Mo Collins and have been exposed to his book, “The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide” – Learn How To Earn An Athletic Scholarship!  At first, due to my well-earned cynical outlook on such publishings, I almost didn’t even crack the book.  After talking with Mo, I decided that he at least earned my attention and I decided I’d take a look.  Let’s just say it was a very smart decision!

The “guide” that Mo obviously took his time with was well thought out, organized and very easy to read and follow.  The fact that stares you down is that he definitely wrote this guide with the purpose of educating the athletes and their parents.  Now, don’t get the idea that if you read this guide, you’ll be guaranteed a scholarship!  Believe me, there are plenty of “those type” of services that will lead you down that path (for an unGodly amount of money) and make you believe that by writing them a check, they can guarantee a scholarship.  Of course, we know that is a bunch of garbage and those companies should be shut down and their owners put in jail (or worse), but we’ll leave that for another time!  Mo goes out of his way to “keep it real” in his guide!  To play off of the old NIKE commercial…..”Mo Knows Recruiting” and the information he shares in his publication is definitely helpful.

So, unlike many, who will only “plug” a book, service or other well needed benefit if the price is right, I will gladly give Mo’s book a top billing!  And he hasn’t had to pay me a cent!  Of course, if you see the size of this guy, you would understand if I didn’t want to make him mad…… I’m kidding, obviously, as Mo is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, in or out of the sports world. Not only does he run his Prep Star Football Camps, but he is also the General Manager of the new professional football team, Charlotte Speed of the IFL (Indoor Football League). When he’s not working 24/7 with these duties, you can find him giving his time at a multitude of charitable events.  Again, in and outside of sports, Mo is a great person and I thank him for his efforts in helping kids with their recruiting process.



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