Chocolate Milk After Workouts?


Chocolate Milk after a strenuous workout?  I know, it sounded really weird to me as well!  I can remember when I was young and after running like a mad man, I would come home and down a glass of regular milk and all it did for me was to make me “barf up a lung”!

But, it’s true!  Milk, in general, is a healthy source of Vitamin D, Calcium and protein.  Chocolate Milk is loaded with added sugar, cocoa, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, all of which are spent and needs to be replaced after high intensity workouts.  The taste is great and it is much cheaper as opposed to those special “replacement” fuel drinks sold online or in health stores like GNC.

Now notice I said “high intensity” workouts….. I’m not saying every time you take a flight of stairs, you gulp down a carton of chocolate milk.  Remember, you are replenishing all of the minerals and carbs that the body needs to refuel.  If you haven’t spent those minerals and carbs in your workout, then drinking chocolate milk will simply give you the result of eating a Twinkie!  Just like any training regime, make sure you are being smart with what you are putting in your body, before, during and after your workouts.  Typically, we’re talking about long distance runners, swimmers, cyclists, etc. or that type of workout for other athletes.  You need high levels of calories, carbs and protein to sustain that level of peak performance.

By the way, if you’re still wanting to be weight concious, you can always op for the low-fat chocolate milk!  Either way, you can’t lose!  Just remember, this is a resource to take in directly after a strenuous workout, not later that night, etc.  It’s best to have while you are in a “recovery” or rest period after your activity.

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