BEING THE MAN…… Yes, this sounds like a gender-based comment, but it is not.  It applies to males, females…boys and girls!  As they say, “in order to BE the man, you have to BEAT the man”….. Well, what happens when your young student-athlete, who was a stellar athlete in association and middle school sports gets into high school and is out-performed?  What if they end up being at the bottom of the high school level “best of the best”?  Parents, it is up to you to be prepared to discuss the different levels of success on a high school athletic team.  Success doesn’t just mean being a starter or the team captain.  It can be the kid that rides the bench, but has an outstanding positive attitude and works hard at helping his teammates get better and prepare in practice (Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!).  It can also be that your kid is a slow bloomer and simply is not at the same level, physically, as the other kids that have already grown.  You DO NOT want to discourage your kids, but instead, have them push forward and learn to be as good and smart in their sport as they can be, taking as much as they can from practice, etc.  There will be a point where they can improve their size, in time, and start to measure up.  Sometimes, kids may not meet their full athletic potential of that level till their Senior year.  It would be a shame to pull them from sports early in their high school career when they could still achieve a high level in their Junior or Senior years!


Starting The Recruiting Process Early Is A MUST


Some parents are getting a lot of flak regarding them exposing their young student-athletes to the recruiting process when they are just in youth sports, prior to middle school.  Actually, it is a great time to start getting into the process!  Now, let’s be clear, we’re not talking about forcing your kids into every sports boot camp and pushing to be an early commit by the time they are in the 5th grade.  THAT is a bit much….. It is essential for both the student-athlete and the parents to start getting into what the recruiting process is all about, what it requires, the process itself and the familiarity of the terms and regulations that govern the process.  There is a lot to know and understand, but it can be both informative and fun for all if started early, when there is no pressure.




Grades Should Not Wait Till It’s Too Late


Just reviewed an email sent to us from a parent that is asking ViewMySport for help….. Their son had multiple “verbal” offers from colleges awhile back, but in the meantime, his grades tanked and apparently, he (or the parents) did nothing to address it, until NOW!


Beginning Your NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Process


If you’re looking to take your skills (and grades) to the NCAA Division I or Division II level or instead, plan on attending a smaller college within the NAIA, then you need to know the “what, when & how” regarding the eligibility process!   Here are brochures to each for you to review and follow…..


Softball Recruiting – A Parent’s Experience


As you can imagine, we get asked quite a few questions regarding college sports recruiting, for softball and all other sports.   After all, it is what is all about!   However, it IS refreshing to hear from others on what their recruiting experiences have been like, the obstacles they have encountered, how they overcame those obstacles, etc., and of course, what the ultimate outcome of their recruiting process was.   Did they get the coveted sports scholarship?   Was it a full-ride or partial?   We couldn’t possibly know every single experience or outcome, as there are so many athletes out there grinding through their own recruiting journey, so it’s nice to have some of our members share their’s with us and by us, we mean YOU!

Here’s a perfect example of a parent that has gone through the whole process, as they have one daughter currently playing softball for Georgia Tech and another daughter currently playing for her high school softball team.   Watch this video and see what their experiences were and are as parent, Chris Taylor, explains their story.   In doing so, you might just pick up on some helpful tips that will help you understand the recruiting process a little bit better.   After watching this taped segment of “The BreakDown”, if you have the need to ask more questions about your particular situation, feel free to email us at: – Your #1 College Sports Recruiting & Scholarship Networking Resource!

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“Now What Do I do?”


So, the recruiting process is all over and the results are varied….  “I didn’t get any offers from Div I colleges, now what do I do?”…..    “I only got a couple of offers from some NAIA colleges, now what do I do?”…..    “I haven’t received a single offer from any colleges at all, now what do I do?”…..    Famous last words, “NOW WHAT DO I DO?”    It is a question that should NEVER come up, especially at the end of your recruiting journey!    The student-athlete, along with their parents, teachers, guidance counselors and coaches should be helping you prepare for the worse case scenario, which is NOT getting the coveted athletic college scholarship or maybe not the one you were hoping for.


Elite Camps and Team Invites – OR NOT!


It’s that time of year where you’re going to start getting camp, combine and elite team invites…… BEWARE!

You must understand, regardless of how these “events” are being marketed, they are not designed for you to get “noticed” or “discovered”.    They are designed money-makers, pure and simple!    Sure, they can be fun to attend and measure yourself against the competition, but don’t get overly enthused by being invited to any of them.  This goes for the so-called “FREE” events as well.  Yeah, they’re free, but then the list of athletes that attended goes to every sports related vendor that paid to be involved.  Your phones and email will be blowing up following the event, for sure!


Too Young To Start The Recruiting Process?


We get this question quite a bit, not just for soccer, but for all sports, so thought it would be a great idea to share with the masses……

“My child just turned 12 yrs old and has been in competitive soccer since age 3.  He dreams of playing Division I college soccer.  When do we start the recruiting process?”

You are taking the first important step in your son’s recruiting process, which is “research”.  So many people procrastinate, waiting until their child is “star quality” before doing any prep work regarding their recruiting.  The fact is, college coaches and recruiters are paying more and more close attention to younger athletes, all for the sake of getting a leg up on their competition at other colleges.  It is a polarizing fact, but certainly a reality.

Rhabdomyolysis – A Danger To Athletes!


Recently, I had a mother of a high school athlete document her (and her son’s) experience with a very serious bout of Rhabdomyolysis, which was totally unheard of at the time.  The fact that nobody talks about it or is aware of how to prevent or treat it is ridiculous!  With so many kids participating in sports and training harder than ever, I felt the need to make sure EVERYONE knows about it and can be prepared.  Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream.   Myoglobin is harmful to the kidney and often causes kidney damage.


BE SMART When Picking Your College!


SO IMPORTANT……. While you go thru the “thought process” regarding playing sports in college and the whole recruiting journey, YOU really need to slow down and think about the COLLEGE you want to be attending!   Many student-athletes say “Whoever will give me the scholarship!”, but you MUST spend some time thinking about the school itself!