Elite Camps and Team Invites – OR NOT!


It’s that time of year where you’re going to start getting camp, combine and elite team invites…… BEWARE!

You must understand, regardless of how these “events” are being marketed, they are not designed for you to get “noticed” or “discovered”.    They are designed money-makers, pure and simple!    Sure, they can be fun to attend and measure yourself against the competition, but don’t get overly enthused by being invited to any of them.  This goes for the so-called “FREE” events as well.  Yeah, they’re free, but then the list of athletes that attended goes to every sports related vendor that paid to be involved.  Your phones and email will be blowing up following the event, for sure!

If you truly want to gain the right attention, attend the college camps that are held during the summer at the university’s facilities.    Even those can lack what you need, but if you contact the coaches ahead of time and schedule time during that camp to meet them and get some evaluation time, then you get more money’s worth!  Also, you can go to the camp location a day early and turn it into an “unofficial” campus visit!  Again, get more bang for your buck!

One last thing, BEWARE of the special invites to elite-type teams and tournaments!  You will be advised that you’ve been carefully “chosen” for their special rosters due to the fact that you are a phenomenally talented athlete.    What you find out is that you have been chosen and will then be asked for a very large fee in order to be part of that program (sometimes as much as several thousands of dollars)!    If you can’t afford their fee, then all of a sudden you’re not what they’re looking for and they’ll move on to the next victim, er, uh, athlete and give them the same pitch!    Again, do your research when approached and make sure they are on the up-and-up!    A lot of folks are out there simply making money off of the hype of sports, exploiting young student-athletes (and their parents), using their dreams, egos and a general lack of knowledge against them……… JUST BE CAREFUL!

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