Beginning Your NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Process


If you’re looking to take your skills (and grades) to the NCAA Division I or Division II level or instead, plan on attending a smaller college within the NAIA, then you need to know the “what, when & how” regarding the eligibility process!   Here are brochures to each for you to review and follow…..

One thing on the NCAA brochure that you don’t have to go by is the first box stating to register with the NCAA in your sophomore year….  Not necessarily true, as at that point, you may not be sure if you are destined for NCAA Div I or II.  You can wait until your junior year and have a better grasp on where you are REALISTICALLY targeting.  The reason to wait is that their fee has gone up to $70 to register for domestic students and $120 for international students, so if money is an issue, then wait a bit before you register.  If money is not an issue and you’re not sure, go ahead and register and get it out of the way.   Click on the image or this link to view the complete brochure online:

The NAIA colleges have a completely separate eligibility process and requires separate registration. Their fee for domestic students is also $70 and for international students, also $120.  Again, the same rules apply, wait until you are sure which direction you are going before you register.  As with the NCAA, it may come down to you just not being sure, so you might find yourself having to register with both the NCAA and the NAIA.

Click on this image or this link to view more information regarding the beginning stages of eligibility registration with the NAIA: – Your #1 College Sports Recruiting & Scholarship Networking Resource!

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