Starting The Recruiting Process Early Is A MUST


Some parents are getting a lot of flak regarding them exposing their young student-athletes to the recruiting process when they are just in youth sports, prior to middle school.  Actually, it is a great time to start getting into the process!  Now, let’s be clear, we’re not talking about forcing your kids into every sports boot camp and pushing to be an early commit by the time they are in the 5th grade.  THAT is a bit much….. It is essential for both the student-athlete and the parents to start getting into what the recruiting process is all about, what it requires, the process itself and the familiarity of the terms and regulations that govern the process.  There is a lot to know and understand, but it can be both informative and fun for all if started early, when there is no pressure.



For the young athletes, it gives them a chance to start getting familiar with the sports recruiting environment in a positive light.  Many can enjoy making their profiles, sending them to college coaches (and even to some high school coaches) in order to start getting coaches to notice them and start relationships.  The coaches will very often have them put on their team’s mailing list and send them media guides and summer camp / event schedules.  Again, it is a very healthy way to introduce a young athlete into this environment.  There are many athletes that will go on to their high school careers already knowing some college coaches that they have kept in touch with and kept up-to-date all through their youth seasons and eventually will go on to play for in their college careers.


Not sure if your young student-athlete is good enough for college?  That’s easy, he/she IS NOT, at least, not now.  You don’t have to be a super star in order to communicate with college coaches and ask for tips, camp info, etc.  For some, that’s as good as it gets, but for others, they will grow into outstanding talent and have a shot at a sports scholarship.  The thing is, enjoy the “now” in the experience and use the positives that come with it.  Take your time and as they say, “ENJOY THE JOURNEY”.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  Your student-athlete gets some great exposure with some outstanding collegiate coach/mentors, gets to gain experience on how to keep track of their own sporting careers, learn the art of communication via written/email correspondence, as well as how to converse on the phone or in person.  All of these skills are transferable into a non-sports environment!


Again, FUN is the name of the game, but it’s not such a bad thing to learn a few things along the way.  For the parents, it is a great time to educate yourself with the glossary of terms that floats around within the sports recruiting industry.  Also, understand the eligibility requirements so that you can help guide your young student-athlete from the beginning, not just when they are struggling in the middle of their high school careers.  There is a lot to learn and it is always changing, so being involved with a resource, such as “early & often” can only benefit you and your young ones!  Don’t wait, as you will find yourself ,all of a sudden, in the back of the pack and it will be too late!  Here is a perfect example of an email that one young high school student-athlete, a softball player, received and was absolutely shocked how far ahead the college coaches were already searching and she is only a sophomore:



To summarize, IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY, as long as you use the process the right way! – Your #1 College Sports Recruiting & Scholarship Networking Resource!

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