Why Do We Yell?


This is a little article / observation from Neal Mars, the Youth Sports Advisor for ViewMySport.com and also who happens to be a former coach and current certified referee for several sports.  This is a bit of his reflection after being privy to and the recipient of comments typical during youth soccer games, etc.  It’s a good reminder of what we, as adults and for some of us, as parents, should be focusing on during this phase of life with our young student-athletes and children……


College Sports Recruiting – “There’s An App For That!”




ViewRecruit Mobile App Launches!


Jacksonville, FL, Feb 7, 2012 – The anticipated release of the first-ever mobile College Sports Recruiting App was launched last week.

The ViewRecruit App, developed by Jacksonville entrepreneur Roger Tillis, founder and CEO of ViewMySport.com, LLC, hit the Apple market with separate versions for iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad. An Android version is expected to be launched late summer.

The ViewRecruit App is an interactive tool to help high school athletes throughout the U.S. better create, organize and promote their athletic, academic and community information to prospective college coaches and recruiters.