Why Do We Yell?


This is a little article / observation from Neal Mars, the Youth Sports Advisor for ViewMySport.com and also who happens to be a former coach and current certified referee for several sports.  This is a bit of his reflection after being privy to and the recipient of comments typical during youth soccer games, etc.  It’s a good reminder of what we, as adults and for some of us, as parents, should be focusing on during this phase of life with our young student-athletes and children……

Who has been to a youth sporting event recently?  You hear parents and fans on the sidelines yelling with all their might.  Are they yelling encouragement?  Are they cheering?  Yes, there is some of that, but a majority of the yelling is directed to the officials and coaches.  “Bad Call”, “You Suck”, “How much are they paying you ref?”, and “I’ll match their payment to have you call an even game” are just some of the things I have heard during the recent soccer season.  Yes, everyone has their opinion and the right to voice it.  When it comes down to it, are the parents showing good sportsmanship?  We would never think of teaching our kids to yell at a police officer, a judge, a teacher, a principle, or their parents because they are authority figures.  A referee is an authority figure on the field of play and should be shown the same respect on and off the field.  Players do not learn to yell at an official on their own.  This is a trait they pick up watching years of parents and coaches constantly yelling at the officials.  I have never heard of a child (younger than 14) being signed to a college scholarship after a Little League baseball game, Pop Warner football, Club soccer, or any other sport for that matter.  With that in mind, sit back and enjoy the weather, encourage your child to do their best, talk to them and let them know that although they have done their best that day, maybe it wasn’t their day to win.   Most of all, let the kids play the game they love to play.  Enjoy the time you have at the park with them, buying them an after game snack, providing half time oranges and just watching them get along with teammates, because they are growing up fast and before you know it, they will be going off to college to lead their own lives.  Do you want their memories of youth sports to be you, the parent, yelling at the referees and coaches making excuses on why they didn’t win the game?  There is a lot going on that you have zero control over, but your own attitude and the example you lead by is one major thing that is ALL yours!  HAVE FUN!

Contributor:  Neal Mars – Youth Sports Advisor – ViewMySport.com

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