Want A Scholarship? You Better Be REALISTIC!


In talking to college and high school coaches, current and former collegiate athletes, etc., one of the common “tips” is to BE REALISTIC!    Now, you hear that all the time, but it is so important for the high school athletes and YES, their parents as well, to take this to heart when considering colleges to pursue for an athletic scholarship!

First off, not everyone can play Division I, period, and certainly not everyone can even obtain a sports scholarship at “any” level, as there just aren’t enough of them to go around to the hundreds of thousands of recruits!    So, be sure to look at your talent compared to others “all over” the nation!    Put egos aside and search for a college that fits you well academically, socially and from a skill level that you have…..

It it hard to know “exactly” where you belong, as there are so many unknowns, so you have to pick a range.    Meaning, send your profile and communicate with coaches at different levels!    Start out with JUCO (junior colleges), NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics), Div III (you better have awesome grades), Div II & Div I…..  Early in your high school career, there is no way to know if you are Div I material….you can “hope”, but you won’t really know.    Likewise, you may think there is “no hope” because you haven’t grown or your skills are minimal, but as you get to the end of high school, you may become a superstar!

The key is, do your research and get familiar with all ranges of colleges!    You want to be prepared all the way through!    You will be able to see where you fit by the responses that you will get from college coaches…  If you are getting Div III or NAIA responses and nothing from Div I or II, then it is a safe bet that you are not what they are looking for or that you just don’t have the skills at that point.    You could develop in a year or so, but if that is the case and you go to a lower division school, you could always transfer to a bigger program, if it works out that way.    That, or you can simply stick to your guns and try to go into a program an “walk on”, if you are truly set on playing higher division sports!

Either way, know EVERYTHING that the colleges can offer you!    Make sure that a scholarship at one school matches or betters what another may offer…. One amount of money for a scholarship in California may only result in a “half” scholarship, where as that amount, say, in Florida, could result in a “full ride”!    Same with lower division programs!    Remember, a scholarship has many different definitions, depending on the college and state, so you MUST take that into consideration….

If you want to research colleges, you can go to www.ViewMySport.com and use their “free” college directory!    It is easily laid out and you can sort the list by state or division.    Just click on any college’s name and it will take you right to their home page!    Also, there is a JUCO link where you can see what JUCO programs offer which sports in which states, so you can research them as well!    This is a great tool that will make your research much easier!



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