Letters DO NOT Always Mean Recruiting Interest


Getting a lot of emails and phone calls inquiring about the letters being received by student-athletes from colleges…..   First of all, it’s great that you are on their mailing lists, BUT, it is just a mailing list.   Don’t get TOO excited, as colleges have extensive lists of athletes that they get from camps, combines and multiple resources.   Getting a letter from a college DOES NOT mean you are being recruited or even that there is any interest.   YOU must continue your recruiting process 100% and do not relax, thinking that you have it made because of receiving letters.   The only letters that count are official “offer” letters or a personal letter written by a coach.   Some of the letters kids are receiving even are made to look “personal”, but are just part of the marketing lists from that college.   Again, the letters are fun and some can contain helpful information, like camp schedules, etc., but keep things in perspective and don’t let them distract you!