College Sports Recruiting – “There’s An App For That!”




ViewRecruit Mobile App Launches!


Jacksonville, FL, Feb 7, 2012 – The anticipated release of the first-ever mobile College Sports Recruiting App was launched last week.

The ViewRecruit App, developed by Jacksonville entrepreneur Roger Tillis, founder and CEO of, LLC, hit the Apple market with separate versions for iPhone, iTouch, iPod and iPad. An Android version is expected to be launched late summer.

The ViewRecruit App is an interactive tool to help high school athletes throughout the U.S. better create, organize and promote their athletic, academic and community information to prospective college coaches and recruiters.

Fencing Is DEFINITELY A Sport!


Like most of you, my knowledge of fencing was taken from scenes in movies…. The one between Inigo Montoya and Wesley (The Dread Pirate Roberts) in “The Princess Bride” comes to mind!  Of course, although quite entertaining, just a slight exaggeration of the true “sport” of fencing.  Yes, that’s right, I said SPORT!

Fencing requires speed, strength, balance and a very sharp (and quick) mind!  Strategy is constantly in the forefront as is reaction time.  Sound familiar?  Virtually every sport in the true sense of the word requires all of these skill sets.  I might even go as far as saying fencing is “more” of a sport than some of our more “mainstream” sports.  I’ll leave that open for debate, so talk amongst yourselves.


Don’t Ignore Your “MENTAL” Training!


We are always getting feedback and information regarding the “physical” aspects of sports and how to train hard, etc.  Rarely do we get much about the “mental” aspects of sports.  Certainly not at the high school level…..  Here is a great article we would like to share from Dr. Rob Bell that might help shed some light on other areas of your sport that you want to work on……


KNOW The Recruiting Terms!


There is quite a bit of “jargon” out there when it comes to being recruited in high school or junior college sports!   With that said, some terms are more important than others.  Don’t wait and rely on your coaches or parents to guide you when it comes to understanding the recruiting process or its terminology.   Instead, KNOW the terms yourself so that you will have more control of the process and won’t cross the line anywhere.


Sometimes High School Sports Are Just “FUN”!


I love sitting in the stands at high school events and listening to the parents talk about the “road ahead” for their young athletes.  The kids are in their first year of high school and the parents already are placing them in different college divisions to compete for an athletic scholarship!  Hey parents, here’s a tip for you…..Let them play and have fun!



Summer Sports and Combines


It seems that there are thousands of organizations out there to help make a high school athlete better and give them plenty of exposure during the summer…….The problem is, there is a hefty price tag that comes with it.  Make no mistake, the services that sponsor combines hold these events as money-makers!  Your summer “club” organizations charge fees to be part of the program, but that is mostly to cover the expense of the facilities, uniforms, the traveling associated with the team, etc.



High Grades = More Opportunities


I was talking to a “college-age” athlete the other day at the gym who was doing some Box Drills.  He said he was working hard for a tryout with a semi-pro football team……hoping eventually to “go pro”, etc.  When I asked him where he played his college ball, he shrugged and said “he didn’t play college”.  After a little discussion, I found out that his grades were too poor to get into a 4 yr college program and he didn’t have the means to try and walk-on at any JUCO, so he is just taking a few community school courses and trying to skip the college phase……….


Expand Your Student-Athlete’s Scholarship Options…


As you can imagine, I get to talk with a lot of high school athletes’ parents while I am attending events around the nation.  One of the main topics discussed is “where” their student-athletes are considering going to college.  The overwhelming response I get from the parents is “somewhere close by” or “as long as they’re somewhere in our state”……


Role Models, At Least While Competing…


So I’m watching ESPN while trying not to barf on the treadmill this morning at the gym and I see something on the screen equally as nauseating!  There’s Kobe Bryant, raising hell, throwing things and shoving his own teammate on the bench, basically throwing a spoiled tantrum!