What Are College Volleyball Coaches Looking For?


We had this article sent in by one of our members and felt the information was great stuff to share with the masses.  It was written by a sports journalist and the feedback is directly from college volleyball coaches that were attending a huge qualifying tournament in the U.S.  Over 4,000 really good players were in attendance and the college coaches from all over were there to do personal evaluations, etc.  Many of the coaches were looking at freshmen and sophomores, but also had their eyes on some middle school and elementary level players.

Here are some common denominators from what the coaches shared:

* Kids are not proactive enough in recruiting. They continue to think they will get discovered at events. The remarkable 6’ 2” gazelles will usually do well, but there are a lot of good players that need to be doing more than simply trusting the Club process to lead to great offers. They do not reach out to college coaches like they should. Families too often think the recruiting process is supposed to come to them. These college coaches are looking for qualified kids that really want to play for them, and know how to reach out to them.

* It is amazing the academic packages that can be put together for good, smart athletes outside D1.


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