Grades & Community Service More Important Than Ever!



Had an interesting conversation with a high school football player that is in the middle of his recruiting journey and he wanted to make sure I get the word out……

He, like many of you, has been attending some college camps and doing very well.  He has been getting letters from many of these colleges, just as I’m sure many of you are.  What he was finding interesting is that the standards regarding “grades” has moved up to the top of the list as far as colleges’ interest in players.  For example, he dominated and had his best camp at Harvard, but due to an ACT score of 25, two other players with lesser skill at his position were selected solely due to better test grades!  The reality was that they were looking for closer to a 33 ACT and about a 2000 SAT and close to 500 community hours!

He figured this was the case due to it being “Harvard” and their focus is on academics, not athletics, since they don’t give athletic monies.  But, what he found out while attending other camps is that ALL were focusing on grades and test scores! Obviously, some standards were higher at some schools than others, but the focus was definitely on grades, etc.

So, if you’re getting letters and invites to camps, take them with a grain of salt and don’t get too excited about what that letter means, as you still have to show what you have, on the field, in the classroom “and” in the community!  Plus, many of those letters are designed to lure you to consider their college and make it look like you were “singled” out, but in reality, you are probably on a very long mailing/marketing list…..

This isn’t “doom & gloom”, this is REALITY and without it, you could end up spending a lot of time and effort going down the wrong path!  Now, take this information and use it!  Do a self-assesment and see where you are with your GRADES and COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT!

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