“But our local media has me as one of the highest ranked players in the state!  How can I not be getting any looks?”


It is one of the hardest things to do….ignore the local media hype!  …….and parents are as guilty (if not worse) as the athletes themselves!  There are countless examples where an athlete is the center of their local universe and ends up not getting any offers from colleges!

It is the media’s job to talk about their local athletes and hype up the stories.  Some are true and some are just pure sensationalism.  For you, it should not matter!  Think about this, there are over 1500 newspapers in the U.S. and an unbelievable amount of local/regional TV news broadcasts (figure there are between 20,000-25,000 cities/towns in the U.S.)…. DO THE MATH!  If all media sources are hyping their local athletes, well, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that not “all” of these athletic phenoms are going to sign for a college scholarship!  Also remember, you might be #1 in your “neck of the woods”, but compared to another region/state, you might end up being #10, due to the talent pool, the competition, etc.  It’s a shot to the ego, but is the truth!

Our point to all of this is that regardless of what you “hear” and who you hear it from, YOU need to stay focused on the recruiting process!  If you are being proactive, getting your information into college coaches’ hands, following up with phone calls, etc., then you are going to get the consideration you deserve!  Of course, consideration does not mean offers!  The fact is, you simply may not have the skills (or grades) that colleges are looking for….. The recruiting environment is very competitive and you cannot let your guard down for one moment!  YOU should be working the recruiting process consistently and “do not” stop until the ink is dry on the National Letter of Intent!

The bottom line is that if you are serious about wanting your education paid for and to compete in your sport at the collegiate level, then you have to get serious!  Spending your time taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror and posting it on Facebook, along with comments about how awesome you are “is not” the way to go!  Again, great for your ego, but counterproductive for the recruiting race you are running!
That goes for the college letters that you are getting in the mail as well…. Yes, some hand-written letters from coaches talking to you about your visits and examples like that are legit and usually mean a program is looking at you with great interest.  However, the bulk of the letters are sent via a mailing list.  Colleges want you to be considering their school and “in case” you are the athlete they’re looking for, they want to hook you, if for no other reason, to keep other colleges from getting you.  Again, these letters go out to so many kids each year and most have absolutely no meaning!

To summarize, don’t get blinded by all the HYPE!  Stay FOCUSED on what is important and work hard (and smart) towards that goal!  Remember, it is YOUR opportunity, nobody else’s, so YOU are the one that should be putting in more effort than anyone else!


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