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  John Smith
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Follow Up On My Recruiting Resume

I know you're real busy, so I put all my information right here in my resume.  Please click on the link I included in this email to view it.  It has my grade transcripts, highlight video and all my contact information.  I just wanted to introduce myself and am very interested in your program.  I hope to talk with you more about that in the future!  

Also, if you have any camp information, could you please send it to me!  Thanks again Coach, and I can't wait to talk with you soon! 

I'm just following up with you to see if you received and viewed my recruiting resume. I sent it directly to you from my ViewMySport recruiting page.  If you didn't get a chance to review my resume yet, I have attached the link again.  It has my contact information, highlight video, grade transcripts and all other information you need.  I'm very interested in your program and am looking forward to talking with you more about that in the future!  

If you have any camp information, please send it to me!  

Thanks for your time, Coach, and I look forward to talking with you real soon!

Tips For Completing & Sending The Perfect Resume
First Message Sent To Coach - Example +
If you want to be more formal and not use the "pre-formed" message when sending your resume to college coaches, we recommend the following format that you can "copy & paste".  Be sure to fill in the <personal information> where applicable:

Hi Coach < last name >, 

My name is < first & last name > and I’m currently a < freshman, sophomore, etc > at < high school name >.  I am a < position > for our < varsity, junior varsity > < sport > team.  I have attached my profile for you to review, which includes my highlight video and all other information you need.  I feel that I will be a great fit with your program and am looking forward to talking with you about that in the future!  My contact information is: 

  • Phone # -  < your phone # >
  • E-Mail    -  < your e-mail address >

 Also, if you have any upcoming camp information, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send it to me! 


 < first & last name >

Be Sure To Send A COMPLETE Resume +
You NEVER want to send a partial or sloppy resume to a college coach!  A poorly completed resume can do more harm than good.  Take your time and remember, college coaches are very busy and have little time to waste.  Make your resume count and be a perfect "first impression"!

Quality Highlight Videos Are A Must +
DO NOT send a college coach a highlight video with music or wild special effects that can be distracting!  College coaches want to see video that gives them a real representation of your abilities.  Make sure you are clearly identified (i.e. - circled, highlighted or pointing arrow) in the video.  Three or four minutes worth of video is about all a coach will review, so don't send a complete game and expect them to watch it all.  Remember, coaches know you are showing yourself at your best, so make the film count.  For any sports where offense/defense transitions (i.e. - basketball, soccer, lacrosse, water polo, etc.), make sure to show you in transition, so they can see how you switch from offense to defense, or vice versa.

What Are My College Options? +
It’s a known fact that not every athlete will qualify for a college athletic scholarship. However, there are many options available to student- athletes that are not talked about. Most are focused on the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I, since that is mostly what you see on TV and read about in the news. Alternatives are available at the NCAA Div II and *Div III levels, the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) and of course, the junior colleges and community colleges in the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association). In addition, there are even smaller associations, such as the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) and the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association).

* NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. Financial aid can be offered due to academic achievements

The key is to research colleges that you feel most comfortable with and can pursue the academic and social aspects, in addition to your athletic goals. Although the NCAA Div I gets all the attention, some of the smaller colleges also have great financial opportunities for athletes, especially for those with higher academic achievements. You want to look into what the college can offer you for both your athletics and academics, since together, the monies could equal a “full ride” scholarship. Many have relatively small scholarship offerings, so you really want to ask questions and see not just WHO is offering, but WHAT they can offer, as well. The more you look into different colleges, the more prepared you will be with the knowledge to move forward and take advantage of scholarship offers. 

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