Track and Field Is For Everyone!


“Run Forrest, Run!”……..Yes, Even the challenged Forrest Gump found solace and success running!  Of course, running is just one part, although the primary part, of Track and Field competition.  It seems that Track and Field holds an event  for everyone, which is why we have seen gaining popularity in the sport.  Track and Field is the #1 high school participatory sport!  In high school, student-athletes will pursue Track and Field as either a way to stay in shape in the off-season, continue working on their speed training or simply a great way to take part in competition.

 The great thing about Track and Field is that everyone gets to participate in the team’s success, due to the point system in which the event placement ranks the participants.  The competitions (or “meets”) are also a lot of fun!  Whether you’re able to achieve a personal best, win a medal or earn a shot at international competition, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and a lot of great memories!  I’ve seen some of the high school athletes from one school get to become great friends with their competition from other schools because they see each other at different meets throughout the season!

Whether you like to run, jump (or run “and” jump), throw discus or shot, there is something in Track and Field that seems to interest all athletes!  There are the events where it is just you by yourself or you making up a team, such as the relays.  All are extremely challenging!  Don’t forget, many olympic champions began their careers right out there on some of the same tracks that your kids are now running!

We get a lot of e-mails and comments about the particulars of the events that take place in Track and Field, mostly from the parents that go to watch their kids compete.  So, here is a little schematic that might help you who are a bit “challenged”……… not exactly like Forrest Gump, but you get the idea!

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